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I have my ponytail palm placed on my windowsill that is f...

5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi Wyatt. Be sure that you don’t overwater Harper. The bulb that you see retains water so they don’t have to be watered really super often maybe once every couple weeks. οΏΌ
@TastyBismarckia first, I would definitely put it in some succulent/cactus soil that drains very well. I use Bonsai Jack's Gritty Mix or Fat Cactus succulent and cactus soil and I add perlite. Like @HoneyBee65 said, the trunk of these guys store water so they don't need water often. I water mine maybe every 2-3 weeks but I water until it flows out of the drainage hole.
The East facing window is perfect! They like plenty of sunlight but are a little sensitive to harsh direct sunlight.
Hope this helps and Good Luck πŸ€