Posted 5M ago by @DounIrm

i have to left my plant for a month
i usually put them inside my dorm room, but i have to go home and i cant bring these two babies. since i close all of my door and windows, my room will be having no light. is it okay to leave them in front of my door like this? #cylindricalsnakeplant #zzplant
12ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@DounIrm I don’t see why not. ZZs are low light plants anyways and the snake plant will require some light, if you can get it closer to light it will be ok as well. I have a snake plant I propped that about 10’ from light but it’s getting light from a southwestern window and a northwestern window. I would keep as eye one it. All that may happen is that you won’t need to water it near as often.
@sarahsalith what’s your suggestions?
@DounIrm Sanseveria cylindrica, like any Sansevieria, is most often sold as a β€œlow light” plant. This doesn't mean that they NEED low light. It just simply means that they tolerate it more than other plants that are not labeled that way. In fact, Sansevieria actually do best when they have some direct sun!
I agree with @KikiGoldblatt - the ZZ can TOTALLY take the dark.

Can you put the cylindrical snake plant in the window to catch the tiniest bit of light?

Honestly, they should both be οΏΌfine for a month in your dorm. I know how nerve-wracking it can be to leave your plants. πŸ’š

I think that you have the most amazing faith in people that they will not adopt your plants if you leave them outside your door. Leaving them outside your door would bother me.
Is there a way you can put a light on a timer while you're gone?
I think they will be ZZ plant.."ZZTop" is in a back room not to much sun...but under a grow light and he's fine...and I read that they can go without water for awhile.
@sarahsalith its just small dorm and all of them are my classmates so i think they understand to not adopt them without my consent. but they will go home too so i dont think..
all that i can do now is hope for my plants to be alive and healthy when i get back :(
@DounIrm I will have faith. ☺️ Enjoy your time!
@KikiGoldblatt Great advice!
@DounIrm They’ll be fine. Much better than if they were being fussed over for a month!

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