Posted 1w ago by @LuckyCobnut

What is this white fuzzy stuff around my plants
Looks like mold, it can happen due to a number of reasons normally the soil is holding to much moisture or the air is too humid so it’s not drying out in between watering
@Minnners Thankyou how can I get rid of it?
Best way I have found is taking it out of the soil and repotting it but those babies look too small to feel comfortable really doing that. Since the soil looks like it’s starting to get dry you could try a mixture of apple cider vinegar with your water like a very little amount of the vinegar.

Does the pot have drainage holes?
@Minnners yes it looks like it has drainage holes… would I be best off just getting a new plant?
I personally would try watering with the apple cider vinegar water mixture and only do the amount the app says water wise and see if it improves and if you see improvement continue doing it until it’s gone that will also give some extra time for them to grow in case repotting is needed

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