Posted 6M ago by @lucylove83

Droopy leaves
Wondering why is my desert rose plant has droopy leaves recently. It's outdoors, gets about 8hrs of sunlight a day because it's in a covered patio. #desertroseplant
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I think they like more light than shade.
Yeah plant hails from Africa so it can handle sunlight that would burn most. The big bulb that kind of resembles a Buddha belly is where it holds water during droughts. So I'd say move it into a sunny spot if possible.
When I put mine outside, the growth exploded. I don't want to show you any pictures now because it in inside, hating winter. I will be so glad when the threat of cold nights is over- then it can flourish again on the west balcony!
Does it get too wet from rain on the patio?

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