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Japanese Maple?

Magical day to you all. I am trying to show this beauty. According to Greg its a Japanese maple. Any tips? I had it in water but then google stated that it wout rot out and die in water. That my best bet is to put it in soil. How do you propagate this beauty?? Send tips. Thanks. #japanesemaple
2” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
Well the leaves look like a Japanese maple!
That being said a well draining, slightly acidic soil is good for them. They DO NOT do well in full sun ( maybe we’ll established but you’re ways away from that obvi)
Indirect light most of the day, water when soil is dry… it looks like she’s already growing so keep loving him! You’ll do great.
I agree with Vanessa comments.
Im zone 7B sΓ³ I have one growing in my front yard.
This one looks like mine - a lace leaf.
They are deciduous so it will turn Fall colors and then drop all its leaves & go dormant. I believe even in bonsai form it will do this.
I would say it’s easy care. Not much fussing but they really beautiful.
Oh and they grow very slowly. Mine is about 5-6’ tall now.