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What did I do?

#Calamondin I think I sent Miss Celie to the upper room. I bought it last summer and had her outdoors and overwintered indoors. I put her back outside a few weeks ago, repotted in new soil, fertilizer and she faces South and gets 8+ hours of direct sunlight. The newer leaves are curling, turning yellow and crispy. Although the older leaves look just fine and she's standing up straighter (she used to lean and had to be supported). Help!!
20” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Sunburned maybe? I like to transition my more finicky plants outside slowly (a few hours at a time, slowly increasing each couple of days) and it seems to help a lot! Hope she gets better soon!
@Alexandyr124 I was going to say the same... Or needs a drink. I don't have the right space (or climate! Lmao ðŸĪĢ) to have mine outdoors, so she's under a grow light, but definitely looks like a light or heat issue to me

The younger leaves would be the first affected in both cases xx
Thx @JenniB81 it did get really warm in Denver last week. I had slowly introduced her to the elements on warm days for a month, but I shouldn't have left it outside all day/night with full southern sun. I brought her back inside. I hope she comes back!
@WhoopsiDaisy I'm sure she will Angee! ðŸĨ° The slightly frazzled leaves won't heal themselves, but she'll soon put out new ones!

My little one has just started to bloom ðŸĨ° which means fruit! Yay 😊 xx