Posted 1M ago by @Terri5453

What about this cutie Will it survive inside I get different plants every spring and end up absolutely loving them lol and want to bring them in Some just don’t like to be inside
6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
I agree many outside plants don’t like to come in. The last few years I have been planting vinca and they do wonderfully outdoors in the summer. I tried to bring them in for the winter and every one I tried, died. The colors are so beautiful, but I don’t try that any more. I don’t really have any inside plants that started outside. My indoor plants love to be out for the summer and come back in invigorated, but it doesn’t work for outdoor plants.
@AC73LoveCats I know I have too Another I’ve tried that I love is coleus I’ve got several Last couple summer I’ve got vining with crinkle edges Beautiful plants Plus I get so many off one plant They’re my Bargain Baby’s

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