Posted 1M ago by @PeachyParadise

What should I do about this?

So I just got her, she’s a #plantrescue so I’m wondering if I should trim some of this stuff off?it looks like someone just cut a leave off so idk what to do. #Monstera #help
0ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
You could trim it or leave as is. Over time it may spread on the leaf but it hurts me to cut 'ugly' leaves
@Rainbow right!! I think I’ll just leave it alone
@PeachyParadise mine had a lil sunburn from sitting in a window lol adds a little character
It's sunburn. You can cut it if you want or leave it.
I’d recommend trimming that leaf off! It’ll often encourage new growth too! Beautiful plant by the way 🫢🏻
Trim it but not for a few weeks. Let it adjust to being home with you first. If you change too much too soon, it’ll get mad hahaha
She is giving me a new leaf so…