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Wilting Peperomia
Mint Patti has always been the strong silent type, but a couple of days ago, she wilted suddenly and I had to trim off a bunch of dead leaves from the top. I gave her lots of water and a little food because her soil was super dry, but now she looks sadder than ever. Help?? #SadPlant #Help #Peperomia #Greggers #GregGang
4” pot
Last watered 2 months ago

If the problem isn't too severe, simply stop watering the plant and let it dry out. Remove any foliage which is too badly damaged and ensure to water sparingly from this point. If, however, the plant is wilting badly, you should repot it. First trim any badly damaged foliage from the plant.

If your Peperomia has floppy, soggy stems and wilting, yellowing leaves, it's a good bet that it is overwatered. The best potting mix for Peperomias needs to be loose and chunky enough for good aeration, and if the spaces between the pieces of the mix are constantly filled with water, no air can get to the roots.
Give it some bright filtered light for a while! And make sure the soil dries out. They usually don’t have a huge root system
@jcPlantProper Mine keeps flopping also. I down-potted and added perlite… she’s still floppy #Peperomia
Holy Hannah! I spoke too soon. Look at her! I just saw all the little new leaves growing under the unhappy larger leaves. I think she might make it. πŸ€”β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ. Thanks Greg #GregGang u show me the way #HappyPlants #Peperomia
@Kwanna Your plant looks great. A healthy plant will bloom.
@Kwanna Yeah yours looks just fine to me!
@KikiGoldblatt I’m concerned because she started wilting when she was really dry, and she has been perkier since I watered her. She may well need repotting - I haven’t repotted since I got her - but I’m slightly worried that she was underwatered before.

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