Posted 4d ago by @wendigoom

Are Greg stickers only for Americans?
Not about a plant (sorry!) but just saw how cute those Greg stickers are and went to sign up to get them but the word “state” makes me wonder if only Americans are eligible.
#gregstickers #stickers
It shouldn't be. Does it require state as to submit the form?
That's a good question. Perhaps @RJG can enlighten us when he gets a moment. (:
@RJG Just the title of the question(?) is “State” but it lets you enter anything you want - I’m Canadian so I was hoping if I put in a province it would still make sense haha :)
@wendigoom that should work!
@RJG awesome! thanks so much for the help!
Where is this form? Asking for @sarahsalith 🤭

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