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Just got a string of pearls and I'm so excited
But I need to know what I'm doing. I know the stems are delicate so I'm cautious about repotting it.
Should I just leave it in its 6' pot and allow it to grow? Or is there a safe way to repot it without damaging the stems or pearls? #stringofpearls #stringofpearlsblooms
If there’s nothing wrong with your SOP, then there’s no reason to repot! You don’t want to repot without having a reason so you don’t disturb the roots and shock the plant.

If SOP has overgrown and needs a new pot, then go ahead and repot but mindful of the root ball! Try not to disturb it as much as possible or else the plant will become severely shocked, resulting in no growth, leaves falling and roots not taking in water properly for a few weeks.
@witchesspells and bottom water them but not until they look like they need it.
Agree not to repot- the only SOP I’ve been able to keep alive and thrive are the 2 I just left in their (small!) nursery pots and put inside other pots to hang

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