Posted 1Y ago by @AggroResting

Is this a dead root hanging off my pothos? Will it be ok?
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Sure is! That’s totally normal for a root that’s exposed to the surface. Roots that high up might indicate that your plant is root bound though.

When the days start to lengthen in the spring it’s probably worth taking it out of the pot to check on the roots and see if it needs an upgrade!
@Kiersten thanks for your reply! Im planning to repot once I can actually find soil and pots in stock in my area :)
what color are the rest of this guy’s aerial roots? if it’s a different color than normal it’ll be safer to prune it off imo
@voidnuggets this is the only exposed root on this plant , the rest go into the soil :)
@AggroResting ah, then i think they’re a little root bound as kiersten said!

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