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I bought a half off plant from Walmart. Should I repor im...

2ft to light, indirect
5ā€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi Sonya!
I'm sorry about your experience with plants šŸŖ“ from Walmart.
I ordered 4 of them online and arrived in horrible condition...not transplanted correctly, etc. with one actually dead. They were all planted in pots too large.
Anyway, I reported this to Walmart and they issued a refund.
Buyer Beware. I'll never buy plants from them again. However, plants I bought from Costa Farms through Amazon were magnificent and also well priced.
Absolutely, Walmart should give you a refund!
I also got one of these half off at Walmart. She was in rough shape. I changed out her soil because I use my own mix of soil, coco coir, and perlite but I used the same pot (cleaned and sterilized) because the roots weren't bad and now she is thriving! Also, I only use these pots for the decorative aspect and not the constant watering. I have found that my plants don't care too much for that. Also, the water can get stale and stinky if not changed regularly. Hope this helps!
Here is mine!
You think it will be ok?
@RadDaniRadiates I repotted with peat moss and the white stuff and organic soil. Added 3/4 water and 1/4 peroxide for water
Fingers crossed for you!! Only water again when the top two inches it so are dry!
@RadDaniRadiates is that all you put in your soil? Iā€™m new to having plants.