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Rooting question!
Well, not really a question… more like, how do I do it? Im wanting to try to root some branches from my neighbors beautiful pink dogwood. I have some Rootone, but I’ve seen conflicting tips on how to actually be successful. Anyone have experience rooting dogwoods? Picture of my huge dogwood because it’s pretty 😍
Well I have done a little bit but what I would do is Remove the bottom set of leaves from the stem. This creates wounds to let the rooting hormone in and encourage root growth. Cut the remaining leaves in half if they are long enough to touch the soil when you bury the end of the stem 1.5 inches (4 cm.) deep. Hope that helps :)
@Violas_plants also it is GORGEOUS ❤️
@Violas_plants this is so helpful! Thank you!
@Justmegsly np 😉
@Violas_plants hopefully one or two of these will be successful!
@Justmegsly there looking pretty good so far!!! Happy planting :)

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