Posted 5M ago by @PoetJunglevine

Great morning all, I need help with my succulent plant. ...

3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
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@PoetJunglevine Your plant arrangement is adorable πŸ₯° but the mix of peperomia & the succulents probably will cause issues as the pep plant needs different care from the other succulents. It will need to be watered more frequently, need a slightly different soil & should not be in direct sun. However the Jade & smaller succulent can tolerate & grow in full sun. They would probably do well together if you want to keep them that way. If this were mine, I would separate all of them. Use a gritty (cactus soil) well draining soil for the Jade & succulent.
@Rockrlee thank you so much. I will need to buy 2 of the same size pots as well I assume.
@PoetJunglevine you’re very welcome. And thank you for best answer. 😘
@Rockrlee I've replanted all 3 of separately. Thanks so much hope they will be fine
@PoetJunglevine Good job Anita. I’ve always held off on watering after a repot. Just so the roots can adjust to their new soil. Especially any succulent repot. Succulents in general do not need to be watered as frequently. The Peporomia is a fragile sort of plant dependent upon how established those roots were growing. They all look very happy. Good luck with them Anita. And please keep us posted.
@ Rockrlee thank you for the great information and will do
@Rockrlee The leaves on my Pep plant dried up. I'm super super 😒. I went away for a week and purchased a grow light for when I returned and it was too late. Can I use the grow light on my succulents, Lilies, or my snake plant?
Also, there are different settings and different colors of lights on the grow lights. Not sure which to use.
@PoetJunglevine so sorry about the Pep plant. Grow lights are great for succulents. I believe they prefer white/pink lights. I have an intense white light 8-10” away on my cactus & succulents. They really love it. As far as the settings, I would start off by using the lowest & increase if necessary. I don’t think the grow lights can really hurt them as most could handle full sun. I don’t know much about snake plants or Lillies. I don’t have any. However, Snake plants seem to do well anywhere in the home. They can even grow well in a dim room.
@rockrlee you're the best thank you
@rockrlee YOU ROCK.!! Thx a bunch
@rockrlee I'd better move the grow light further away. The leaves are a bit more brown than green now. One fell off and I placed it in the soil. I read that somewhere. To my surprise, my Pep plant is back her name is Delilah. I'm ecstatic.
@PoetJunglevine YAY for Delilah!! That is great news. I am sure in time she will make a full comeback. You may want to place her closer to the grow light & be mindful of over watering. I usually water my Peps when an inch of the top soil is dry. The browning leaves on your succulents could mean a number of things.
Thanks so much. I am moving Delilah closer to the grow lights as we speak. Thx again for everything.