Posted 1M ago by @fabiana

My poor sweet potato vine…
So I know she’s been needing a repot but I’ve just kept pushing it back. Does this look like she needs a repot or something worse?? The soil is WET. She looks pretty bad. Help!! 🙁
Yes, she needs a new pot and better soil. They also like tons of sun. I have mine in a window with direct sun for most of the day.
I would definitely repot no larger than the next one 2 inch pot
@TheGoodWench do you know if they prefer to have space near their roots? I’ve read so many conflicting things
@fabiana no more than two inches bigger than the root ball. I wouldn’t pot up that much though. Most plants like to be a little root bound because it helps prevent overwatering.
@TheGoodWench okay thanks!

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