Posted 2d ago by @apackwood

To repot or not, that is the question.
How do I tell when to repot this beast? I think there’s three in one, but it seems happy at this point? She keeps giving me great leaves. Or do I really have to assess the root situation to know?
The plant seems happy since it's getting great new leaves. I'd say just check out the roots and as long as they are still comfy, let her continue to thrive🥳
She looks gorgeous and happy I’d leave her as is for a while longer 😊
Thank you ladies!
It may still be fine for a little while. If it starts showing signs of being unhealthy then you may need to repot. If you are able to check the roots and they look root bound really bad, then you may want to repot before it starts looking bad.
@SirLiquorice thank you

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