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Hi I just recently adopted a weeping fig and I’m concerne...

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i know that ficus can get a little dramatic when they’re left to dry out too long or too often. also if it has moved and experienced a change in light amounts/quality that can make it shed some. on the whole, i think the rest of the plant looks very well taken care of so hopefully it’s just a small fix.
I think it might need some water! The soil looks pretty dry and yellow leaves can be an indicator of not enough water!
@FicusOnTheGood thanks so much!
flower">@sonflower watered it straight away - thanks for your input!
i hope it lives forever for you!!
@FicusOnTheGood thanks I hope so too ☺️
@WarmMistletoes C I have a weeping fig/ficus. They do not liked to be moved at all. And no change in temp. I water mine about every 10 days. Once you find a spot that has bright light. Let it stay there.. πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»