Posted 1M ago by @Louloute

Hello, do you have plant recommendations?
I was curious to know if you had plant recommendations, what are your favourite, cute, and simple to take care of plants?
Pothos, ZZ Plants, and spider plants are easy to take care of!
A pathos is always a great easy to take of plant! The grow so easy and quickly!
I agree with @TheGoodWench and @RDG Pothos are really simple. I think snake plants are pretty easy as well. In the winter I sometimes forget to water it 😬
Definitely agree with the pothos! And also snake plants!
I love my alocasia black velvet! It's pretty and thriving and tbh string of pearls tooπŸ‘€ you just have to don't care about them
I agree with the above, and if you’re more of an admirer than a plant activity person, you might try out some succulents if you have the light for them.

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