Posted 4M ago by @SpicyCanadaplum

Plant is dying

We’re trying to figure out how to revive this plant and have been watering and fertilizing. Though we’re not seeing any results and every day it’s getting worse
1ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
The detections I get for this plant are council tree and Audrey ficus
Welcome to Greg, Praful!

In my experience, this tree needs a LOT of light. I keep mine in my greenhouse so it gets light all day. My plant will lose leaves in the winter, but it has new leaves during the growing season.

I recommend you find a very sunny spot to put your plant and leaf it alone for a bit. fertilizer is GREAT in the growing season, but it's not much help in the slow season. (:
@sarahsalith it seems to be getting light should it be in direct sunlight?
Give her a good prune and check that she's not over watered. My Audrey sits in an east-facing area as she waits to go back outside when it gets warm. I'm going to prune her to encourage bushing and propagate the cutting. Maybe yours could use a cut as well. It will encourage new growth.
Thank you!