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I have a newer monstera leaf that seems to be a lot thinner than normal. The stem seems nice and strong just a very thing leaf that hasn’t gotten thicker as it’s grown. Is there any reason it would do that or anything I can do to help it? #Monstera
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They do thicken over time it can sometimes take a few months for it to fully thicken depending on the plant.
@Plantsy okay thank you! Would it matter if the leaf is directly facing the window vs having its “back” turned?
I wouldn’t worry about it too much, some leaves come out huge and glorious, others are a little floppier, just leave him be unless he starts browning or yellowing
@DiosDada thank you so much!!!
@Sunnyand21 I have two of them. Some of them come in small and some come in big and beautiful. As it ages you will see more of the thicker ones. Those are some of my newer growths.
@Sunnyand21 where is Martin TN, I live in Oliver Springs which is out side of Oak Ridge TN. I just googled it and you are closer to @sarahsalith than I am.
Woot woot!! #Tennessee!

I love the Martin area, it's so pretty! Welcome to Greg, Lily!!
@Sunnyand21 I wouldn’t think so mine doesn’t directly face the window but still thickened like normal.

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