Posted 1Y ago by @jaysjungle

Can anyone ID this Banana a friend sent me a while back. ...

3ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Best Answer
That's a dwarf cavendish!
@RJG has some!
Mine lives in the ground in the backyard and is an #IceCreamBananaTree. They're a bit hardier than yours so I would keep yours potted up.

Check out #BackyardBananas too!
I have bananas and to be entirely honest, some of the best advice I received when I first started out is to remember that they’re really just a big, modified grass. Plenty of light and regular fertilizing and you should be just fine - they’re not super picky, or at least not in my experience. You can also trim them back a bit to keep them small, like other grasses, but the flower stalk (which will eventually become your bananas) develops slowly inside the large central stalk, growing from the bottom up, so if you decide to trim your plant you run the risk of severing the flower stalk. Since you have a dwarf variety, trimming back shouldn’t really be a concern. Hope this helps and good luck with it!
@Crvidae thanks for the tip!