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I just received my money tree as a gift on Friday. The on...

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5ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Plants always go into shock when the are rehomed. Changes in humidity, light and care routine bothers them, but they acclimate over time. Dry/curling leaves are an indicator for lack of moisture. You gave it a drink a day ago, check the soil down by the roots, use a chopstick or something to check the bottom third of the pot. If it’s most, then no need to do anything, if it’s dry, you may have underwatered it. Also, if this came from a nursery, humidity may be the cause, this happens to all my plants when I bring them home. Nurseries keep high levels of humidity, our homes aren’t like that. Money trees like it humid, so a drop in humidity maybe the reason.
Overall, check the basics, light, moisture and humidity, if everything is as close as you can get to ideal, then give Sir Plancelot time, he’ll get used to his new home over time.
Welcome to Greg, Stacy! Your plant will likely need some time to adjust to its new home.

Money Trees have thin leaves and sometimes the are a bit droopy. It will LOVE bright, indirect light and that will help the leaves stiffen a bit more.

My money tree's leaves are dry also.

Is it the dry-feeling of the leaves that has you concerned the most?
@LexLuthor thank you so much!! That is what I was thinking! I actually did not water it yet since I just got it on Friday (I think I just had to indicate something on the app) I was doing research and thought about the humid so I brought the humidifier and it is set to 63%. Yeaa I just put my entire index finger and the soil is pretty dry. I think I’m going to give it some water. There a whole controversy tap water vs distilled water, what type of water do you use to water your plants? οΏΌ
@sarahsalith thank you so much for your response oh and I am loving Greg! This is like Reddit for plant parents!! It’s such a fun app! Actually, yes the dry feeling of the leaves are my main concern, the one and only thing I’ve done so far is bringing over my humidifier to see if that would help. I guess I’m worried the dry feeling leaves could fall off and it’s irreversible #nervous
@Stacefacetron you are so welcome! I normally don’t water my plants with water I won’t drink myself. Some plants are more sensitive to salts or lime in water, so distilled is better for them. But I use distilled water so I can control the salts, minerals and nutrients I give to my plants more carefully. Hope this helps πŸ’š
@Stacefacetron this is BETTER than Reddit! Greg is so much more positive and personable. 😊

You can bring your humidifier closer, but make sure to leaf it alone for a while and let it acclimate. Each plant is a little different and you'll figure out the differences in time.
@Stacefacetron your Money Tree is likely in a bit of shock and has many leaves, healthy and probably just needs water, keep it in indirect light from the sun they do not like direct sunlight otherwise leaves will burn turn yellow with brown crunchy tips, only water when soil is completely dry to avoid root rot and slow water soak keeping it in a well draining pot if you are unsure of the dryness of the soil invest in a moisture meter they are cheap enough to help you tell if it’s to moist or dry the soil or you can feed it 3 ice cubes when the top soil is dry. Here are my 3 of my Money Trees one that’s in a 4 inch pot that gets 3 ice cubes a week for a year that’s thriving 2 others recently adopted in 6 inch pots that get watered when the soil is completely dry the slow soak way. Also, here is a link that may help you in the future to as well:
Hello!! Thank you so much for your response and photo references! Your plants are BEAUTIFUL!! I actually have a water meter and it comes in handy but the ice method looks really interesting.. definitely have to look more into that!! πŸ’œ