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What in the world?!
Last week, one leaf turned yellow and started drooping. Today, she has completely fallen over.
She's been in the same location for almost one year, watered consistently once every 3 weeks.
What could have caused this sudden change? #Dracaena #moonshinesnakeplant
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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i would remove that fake moss stuff so it can get better airflow, i water my snake plants every month or even longer. it’s weird that it happened overnight but it looks like overwatering. any way you can take it out and get a look at the roots?
Oh no! I would check the soil. This is usually a water problem. Since she was watered two weeks ago she might be dry n
@annapop Good points. I'll remove the moss and check the roots once I'm done with work. (Didn't expect such a quick answer! Thank you!)
I agree with @annapop and @Pegster definitely time to check the roots. The moss may have been holding moisture in so 3 weeks was too frequently. I have some getting water once a month or less!
@k8k8 happy to help:)
Welcome to Greg. I have found that a moisture meter helps with watering issues. πŸ’š. I hope your beautiful snake improves. My snake plants are watered every two week. If the stems are mushy or soft then the plant has had too much water.
@Pegster The soil is slightly moist at this point. (I go in about an inch and get some soil stickage to my finger.)
I'm thinking it must be overwatering. I just looked back at older pics, and she's a lot more yellow than she used to be. I didn't notice the gradual change. πŸ˜”
Let the soil dry completely or better yet, repot her with fresh dry soil. Do not water.
So I checked the roots. Wasn't much left of them, unfortunately. The soil in the bottom was wet. Overwatered. 😭
I removed three mushy leaves and repotted her in dry soil. Hoping she can still be saved, but I won't hold my breath.
Thank you all for your advice!
@k8k8 hey! as long as the roots aren’t mushy there’s still a chance:)

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