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I found this guy in the trash at my apartments a bit ago and it’s leaning pretty hard any tips on how to fix this?
#SnakePlant #snakeplantrecovery #plantrescue
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Awesome find! Make sure it’s not soft at the bottom. That’s what mine did when I didn’t realize it was sitting in water too long and got root rot. If someone just tossed it, they could’ve just shifted the soil and it just needs an adjustment. If it’s solid and nothing can be easily pulled out, could just need help getting back up. 😅
I would try rotating the pot itself so that a different side gets light! It could just be leaning towards the light. Or it could be how it was potted by the previous owner.
Give it drainage, water it well and it should perk up. The leaves seem a little dehydrated?
Trash baby is the bestest baby!
Why would someone put it in the trash 😢
@ABCD I found it a bit ago and it was pot less with some root rot. It’s come a long way since!
Awww trash baby is so beautiful! I would make certain there isn’t bugs or something that would be the ONLY Reason I would ever throw out a plant if it was so infested it couldn’t be saved.

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