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Should I pot?
I have had a bad time with monsteras during the winter time and they keep dying. These cuttings are from the monstera I saved. They’ve grown so much in the water alone. Should I start potting them?
It's absolutely ready to pot!
Good to repot, but if you are interested in having the same amount of growth I recommend that you look into LECA! I’ve experienced so much more growth with mine once I moved it to LECA
They are some super healthy good looking roots. I would definitely pot in either a 4” or 6” draining pot. πŸ₯°
@user4be81e03 Absolutely repot. I agree with @Shaubplantshack a 4 to 6 inch pot with drainage with and pot with well draining soil.
@KikiGoldblatt any soil you recommend?
@user4be81e03 I used one by Miracle Gro that says on the bag to help keep from overwatering or underwating your plants. So far my plants love it. I also add in perlite to help with irrigation. A small pot like you will get your would only need a good handful and mix it in with the soil. @sarahsalith got me to using perlite. You can probably get perlite at Home Depot or Lowes. I ordered mine off of Amazon.
@KikiGoldblatt I love perlite! Danielle, perlite is great to have on hand- especially with your Monstera. They like chunky, well-draining soil.
@sarahsalith I’ll probably repot my Monsteras here soon and add perlite to the soil. Well not repot but give fresh soil.
Thank you all for your help

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