Posted 5d ago by @TheGardenOfEden

White furry spots??
Not sure if they're insects, egg sacks or sum fungus. How can I help save my plant??
7” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
Mealy bugs! I would wipe them off with a wet paper towel with a little bit of neem oil or a drop of dawn dish soap. That’s what I do for mine and I haven’t seen them come back!
I also found this:
Looks like mealy bugs. You can get neem oil from most garden centers and or lowes or Home Depot. Follow the directions on it.
Those are definitely mealybugs. I prefer spraying with rubbing alcohol (which kills them bugs) and then wiping them off. Just keep it out of the sun for a while because the leaves can burn after you put chemicals on them.
I would just spray with neem oil and wipe the leaves to be safe. I can’t tell if it’s mold of mealy bugs but neem will get rid of it either way.

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