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Alocasia care tips!!!
Ok so as far as watering goes, do i let them dry out completely before watering again or should i keep their soil a little on the moist side? Ive heard both so im very confused! Help ya girl out plzz๐Ÿ˜‡ #AlocasiaAddict
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My answer is: it depends! Where you have it, which Alocasia it is and how big the plant/pot is. You give it as much water as it has light and if the plant is in a hot area, letting it stay slightly damp is best, as the wet soil will help keep it cool. Iโ€™ve found though that jewel Alocasia like black velvet and maharani wouldnโ€™t mind drying out a bit
I would recommend leaving the soil moist, but make sure you have well-draining soil!
From experience, many people have kept the soil moist or humid, and they thrive in those conditions.

Some plants struggle with it so you may have to experiment and see the conditions your plant likes :)

Make sure you have well draining soil, though, to prevent root rot!
@kscape awesome i will definitely try tht! Thnx๐Ÿ™ƒ
@jcPlantProper is an alocasia prooooo
@jcPlantProper thank u so much!

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