Posted 2w ago by @QualityKaraka

What kind of soil does it use?
2” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
I use a mixture of cactus mix and regular soil. These are actually tropical plants and they want well-draining soil, but they don't want to be dry.
Hi Sarah!
Thanks for responding😃Great! Right now I have natures care organic & natural potting mix. If this is the right move, i’m going to leave the plants in the soil that it came in and I’ll purchase cactus mix tomorrow and mix the two and replace the container.
@QualityKaraka I repotted mine into that type of soil and it seems to be going ok! Pushed out a few new leaves recently! I also want to get cactus soil for it ✨
I use succulent for 1 plant,and regular for other I would say get a pot with drainage holes since they need good drainage

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