Posted 1Y ago by @Pittyplantlover


My hurricane fern seems to be dying. I don’t know if that’s mold. Should I repot? #SaveOrGrave
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
It looks under watered or lack of humidity. I would try replacing the soil with a moisture rich verity and it you don’t use a humidifier, try spritzing it a few times a week.
Hey, Janelle! Is that a pot-within-a-pot setup? Check to make sure there isn't water pooling inside the outer pot.

The part that concerns me is that it's looking bad in the middle - where the new growth should be.

How does the soil feel?
@sarahsalith fry and hard. I thought it was mold
No water
@Pittyplantlover that rules out rot. I'd give the plant a good soak- the soil should be too dry, it's a fern and it likes moist soil.

Whatever you do, the plant will take a few months to recover - but you want to look for new growth in the middle of the plant.