Posted 1M ago by @Terri5453

So my elephant ears has been weird all summer A leaf will die off Some how the bulb got close to the side Would that cause it???!
The yellow & brown suggests under watering to me but if it's sharing the pot it could also be root bound or being "choked out"/starved of nutrients by the other plant...
How long has your plant been in that soil? It looks dry and a little compacted. I would remove the dead leaf, repot into a good, nutrient soil mix, and give a good drink. Hopefully it will improve. Good luck!
@wolfwoman I just watered Usually once a week This summer been so hot I’ve been watering twice a week Potting soil new from the first of summer Byt I agree I think it needs repotting I’ve never had one do this It’s third leaf it’s lost thank ya
@Terri5453 thank you
@Terri5453 no problem. It is frustrating. I own a lot of alocasias, and it boggles my mind when a new leaf comes in, and then the plant decides to discard another leaf at the same time. No progress. Oh well.

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