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My spider plant is growing these long shoots. What do I do with them? Do I trim them or let them continue growing? I’ve never had them grow like this. #GregGang
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Those are babies. When they have a bulb at the base you can trim them from the plant and place them in a small container of water so they form roots. Once they have good root growth you can transplant them into a small pot with soil and you have new spider plants!
It will be fun to propagate the babies. πŸ‘
You are doing such a good job!!! She is thanking you with babies!! SO exciting....great work!!! 😍😍
Those look like "runners"! Place them on top of some dirt and soon you'll likely have new plants! (:
They will grow little babies! I personally love the look of the trailing baby spiders, but you can also propagate them to make new plants for you and your friends!
Here’s mine. She has 10 shoots. Already propagated one time before this. Best of luck!
Those are babies!! You can propagate them by taking them off when they get big enough and putting them on water πŸ₯°
I have a baby one off of my moms plant. It takes some time to root but it is worth it!
You're expecting flowers.
@sijuadekings you are right! I have flowers!

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