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Suggestions for my aloe?
So some background: this aloe was originally growing okay, I moved to a new house, placed her in a spot that wasn’t great for about a year (west facing window, but not enough light overall) and then about two weeks ago moved her to a spot where she should be much more happy (east facing, closer to the window where she’s getting much more light). Anyways, in the last few weeks, she’s gotten to be more brownish green than bright green (I tried to get a good photo of the coloring, but the sun was throwing my cameras coloring off; see photo two), BUT as I went to make this post, I noticed she finally has two new growths (photos 1 and 3). I was originally wondering 1) why is she turning brown and 2) what can I do to help her, but with this new growth, I’m wondering if she’s bouncing back and it’s just a time-will-tell thing. Any suggestion will be  appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to read all this! 😅 #AloeVera #NewGrowth #browning
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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I think it's a time will tell thing. Aloes are slow growers. The browning could be a retiring of what's left in those old leaves and repurposing that energy towards the new growth.

Good luck and I can't wait to see this plant after the summer!!
I suspect low sunlight and soggy soil. Expose it to more sunlight and let the soil dry out between watering.
@sijuadekings ; my post explains your first one (aka I’ve already done that), and as for your second point, the soil is not soggy. If anything, it’s more on the dry side.
@GemHope ; also, she didn’t start turning more brown than green until I moved her to a better light situation, as also shown in my post.
Aloe Vera is an African Plant that grows in plenty of sunlight and can tolerate long periods of being dry. Grown indoors it will turn “yellowish” and become “gangly” and weaker if it gets insufficient sun and too much water. If yor pot has good drainage you can set your aloe outside for the summer and allow rain to do the watering. Water only if the soil appears very dry.
I moved mine to a sunnier spot & it browned a lot- so i moved it a littleeee bit farther away & am introducing it slowly. Aloe leaves can burn! Mine is slowly but surely making a recovery & i haven’t moved it any closer to the sun yet

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