Posted 3w ago by @kris10nicolee

does anyone know if I can pot all my VFTS TOGETHER? AND what's this little flower thing on my smaller VFT? I know VFTs flower but I thought they looked different
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I suppose you could plant them all together. I guess it would depend on how you water them. I set my VFT in a small dish of water. Not sure about the flower thing. 😊. You have some beautiful plants in your oasis.
Good question I wonder the same thing I have a big one and 2 small ones πŸ€”
You can put them all together, but if you repot, you may lost that flower that's coming up in the first picture.
I just don't know what to do with it lol. I keep all mine in the tray in the picture full of water.b @PrettyBlooms hmm idk how long has yours been there??
@Pegster thank you so much!!

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