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Is she beyond repair?
Quevie is a lily that was a gift back in April. Honestly, I thought she would be thrown out two weeks later. I never posted about her because I wasn’t that interested in keeping her alive. I only know pothos. So now that she’s almost lasted five months I have decided maybe she is worth keeping after all. I keep cutting the dead off but more just keep dying and I honestly don’t know what the problem is. She is not in direct sunlight. I only water her like every two weeks. I don’t know if she is salvageable. Anyone have any ideas on her?
I think it can be watered a little more. Every 2 weeks seems like a long time for a lily.
@jcPlantProper what do you think?
I have a lily that likes to be watered when she just starts to wilt. Any sooner her tips turn brown. @Leensha-Lou I would clip all the dead stuff off so the energy is directed to putting out new growth. I would also water with a balance fertilizer at half strength. We are getting close to the end of the growing season so watch closely for the clues she will give you to direct her care. Don't forget bright indirect light while in recovery. No direct sun. Keep us updated. Happy Growing!
Is she living in that spot? When you water her, is she like alll the way dry? These guys typically live in or on the edges of ponds so they are used to staying a little on the damp side. Also if you wait too long to water, sometimes the leaves will drop and bend due to lack of water and won’t be able to stand back up. Trim it all up and fertilize! Add the plant to Greg too with the proper pot size etc so we have a little extra details !
@jcPlantProper no she does not live in that spot. But she is on a shelf under a window in a small room with no really direct sunlight. She’s in my fiancés office and therefore I forget to water her until she is dry. I will have to add her to my oasis so I get the watering reminders. I didn’t before because I didn’t think she would last in my home at all!! Thank you all!!!
@Leensha-Lou ah I see. Yeah she’s gonna want some more sun too! If she’s able to go that long without water she needs some sun to dry her out. Tooo much sitting water isn’t good! Good luck!!
@jcPlantProper so she needs to be in sun? Like she is in the picture? Or brighter?
@Leensha-Lou where she is now is a good start. Outside is even better under shade where she gets some morning sun or after 6pm sun ☀️ but yeah. They want bright light that’s not directly sun rays

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