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Can my Blue Star Juniper be Saved?

For now, her name is Crispy :( My partner picked this out in December. We hoped to pick out needly shrubs that could potentially last another holiday season & spring indoors before we can find a happy home for her outside.

I've been giving her lots of water due to the browning & dropping needles. I realize now this was likely a big mistake; I should have allowed more time for her soil to dry in between. We'd planned on upgrading her pot soon, but would that help at all, or cause too much stress at this point? Would I be better off trying to pinch back some growth & shape her?

I've never had a juniper before and i know I'm out of my depth here. We don't have any outdoor space/access of our own, so she hasn't gotten any time outdoors in the cold. She lives on the southwest window sill with lots of light and drafts, I was hoping that could sort of mimic an outdoor space for her. What do you guys think? #juniper #bluestarjuniper #plantrescue #help lol
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 12 hours ago
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Hey! I can try to give some helpful advice.

When plants begin browning/yellowing due to constant watering (and keep doing so after they been watered) then it is almost 100% root rot, this means rip to most small plants.

However she looks somewhat big tho, you might be able to propagate her!!!.

My ultimate advice would be to repot NOW, not only to give it space but also to check for root rot. If root rot is visible then start the propagation process!!!.

If she doesnt have root rot then just let her rest on some dry soil, let her recover and return to your regular watering (without overwatering this time!)
Also (forgot to mention on my last comment)
But do also know that some plants go dormant during winter!!! Maybe the browning was just Crispy going dormant!!
@DamnDaniel Thanks for your advice! It looks like you got it exactly right. The main plant actually looked pretty salvageable. Thankfully the pot was fairly deep so my partner removed the root rot sections.

She'll have a nice new pot to live in by tomorrow!Hopefully she'll rebound from her crispy winter and return to her natural blue.

Plus we took some pieces to attempt propagating. No idea if they'll take or not, but I'm glad I got to try something new today. Thanks so much!