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My philodendron is sticky on the stems and has water beadlets collecting on the stems. Normal or am I overwatering? I think the stickiness is drawing in gnats.
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Sticky like drops of syrup?

It could be honeydew which is a cute name for pest excretions. Do you see any small bugs on your plant?
@user6c508eee I agree with @sarahsalith. Check for pests as well. You can always buy 36 Pcs Sticky Traps for Fruit... to help with your gnat problem. Just stick them in your plants that you see gnats on. They work amazing.
@sarahsalith is right, if it’s sticky its probably aphids!
but it also may be the Aroid Thing™️ that some plants do in the wild, where they have nectar on the stems or leaves to attract ants for protection. it’s probably counterproductive in household settings tho since the ants will start ‘farming’ aphids.
@sarahsalith yes! Lots of gnat looking bugs.
@sarahsalith can I clean it off and then use the product Kristy recommended to prevent them?
@user6c508eee you can. There are several things you can use. I use insecticidal soap from Natria and it's good to use whenever I want.

You can also go wash it off in the sink.

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