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Sweetheart Hoya
Anybody know where I can get a Sweetheart Hoya with a stem? I keep seeing them all over the internet; and recently read that without a stem, the plant won't grow past the single heart, fascinated by these plants! If anyone knows a reliable source to buy them from please let me know!
I've preordered some off Etsy- they were supposed to be delivered in March. Then in April. Now they are supposed to be coming in May. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
@KikiGoldblatt has a beautiful one. @RJG has on, I believe.

There are some folks who get the leaves and lo and behold- a stem appears!

Have you looked at Etsy?
I got my inner variegated one from canopy plant co or Gabriella plant co I can't remember. Both are pretty good shops.

My splash came from a random Etsy seller because originally I bought Romeo (a single heart) and I didn't know it couldn't grow a full one from a single heart at the time. so when it arrived I was emotional and perhaps had an adult beverage and I bought it on whim. Got lucky though.
@BJoyce can confirm all of this as she also got one and named hers Juliet. But then as everyone knows, the story goes Juliet died and Romeo is thriving! Here's all three !
@sarahsalith Not yet! I'm a bit nervous ordering plants off etsy; especially when shipping conditions are undeterminable; i've ordered off there many of times but never ordered plants, and am scared of transit issues!!!
@RJG Gorgeous!! :O Your plants look awesome, i'm obsessed!! I'll check out those plant shops thank you!
You know, I've had some Etsy disappointments and I swear that the USPS hates plants, but Etsy makes it easy to get your money back if there's a serious problem.
@sarahsalith Right; I'll have to check it out then, read reviews and stuff. I've met plenty of great people on Etsy, thanks for the help!

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