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Fig leaf has spots
My fig plant seems healthy but has some spots. Should I be concerned?
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This is just some mild #edema. It will work itself out! It means that at some point your fiddle leaf had some inconsistent watering. The red spots are burst capillaries in the leaves from time where they got too much water for them to hold. As the leaf ages the spots fade.

As long as the growth is good on top, you're doing great. πŸ™‚
Also welcome to our plant community here Amy! We are so glad to have you!
That looks like edema. edema is caused by the roots taking up more water than the leaves can transpire.
@AssiduousFlax @RJG is correct. It’s called edema. Mine used to have it. As the leaf got older it disappeared.

Edema. The most common cause of small red spots on new leaves of fiddle leaf fig plants is edema. Edema (also spelled oedema) is often a symptom of moisture stress, which is caused by incongruous watering.

If you suspect your plant has edema, do not stress too much. Edema spots will disappear as the leaves grow out.

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