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I got another one
#ChaoticPlainsUpdates I’ve had my heart set on this mini rose bush for a month and I FINALLY got it! I WAS going to get a pothos too, but mom wouldn’t let me.

🌱Say hello to Sapphire! She was very underwatered and looked like she was reaching for more light. She was also REALLY root bound. Thus, I watered her and gave her a new pot! I’m super excited! #MiniatureRose #flowerpower #PlantAddict #NewPlants

📸 Picture Guide
1) before
2) after
aww that’s really pretty! good find!!
This looks great!!! I love the fairy jar with the haworthia😍🤩
The roses are so pretty !!
@ChaosPlains what a beauty! Wishing you luck with Sapphire and happy growing.

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