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Hoya 101
My sister wants to get a Hoya bcuz she heard that they are easy to care for. I’m thinking of getting us both one. What will be a good Starter Hoya for us to get? Also if you have any tips or tricks please share! Thank you all! @HoyaAddict @jcPlantProper
A good starter wouldn’t be just green Hoya! Which a lot are just green or have a little bit of splash. The prob w variegated ones is the white sometimes will brown so it’s a little discouraging. I’d recommend the Hoya splash, carnosa green and Australis. Now these are solely based on Hoya that we sell at
We have like 29 of them but there’s obviously a lot more. These can trail or climb. The Australis looks better climbing tho here’s some of the Hoya we have. A few we offer in hanging baskets but yeah!
Hoya Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess are both easy. As is the Hoya Australis. I use orchid fertilizer spray on the leaves and mine look healthy and happy!
Honestly, I've had awesome luck with hoyas. I find them happy in most light (depending if you want to sun stress) and they tend not to overreact when you "do something wrong."

The only "issue" I have had is that they are homebodies. So they get all settled into their pots and are happy for a while and about the time you think you should repot them is when they start going bananas with new growth. And if you do repot they pout for a while 🤷🏽

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