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My orchid won’t bloom!

Hey all! So I’ve had this orchid for a long time.. it went through about 2 years where it was just blooming non stop and it was gorgeous! The stem died so I trimmed it down, but it’s been about a year now and it hasn’t sent up a new shoot? The leaves are happy and even growing new ones but it doesn’t seem interested in flowering. Any ideas? #OrchidLovers
11ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
two main suspects come to mind in this case. (Well three, but your orchid(s) look generally very well cared for). Those two would be lack of light or cooldown. In your case, going by the leaf color I would go with lack of light. Have you moved it to a darker spot since it formed the last spike? Dark green leaves can signal that it's on the low end of what it needs lightwise. It will grow, but slower, and might not bloom.
If that's not it, then maybe try cooling it down about 5 degrees Celsius from its normal temperature for some time. either artificially now, by placing it somewhere cooler, or by placing it closer to the window - given it does not burn there, of course - so that it naturally experiences a cooldown, when temperatures drop outside.
If a spike begins to form, it can be placed into normal temperatures again, if you so chose. the spike should continue to grow.
Good luck!
@MusicalRedmint Thank you very much! I will try those and see if it helps!