Posted 1w ago by @SmallfryBlusher

The leaves on my plant are folding in half any idea what'...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hey @SmallfryBlusher welcome to greg. My first question would be are you using tap water. This plant is sensitive to the chlorine and fluoride in our water. I would use only distilled water. humidity could also contribute to this. They like a humid environment. You could mist occasionally and definitely put a tray of pebbles and water underneath. Be sure not to let the plant pot sit in the water this will lead to root rot. Wishing you the best.
Your care card says he is getting direct sunlight. That seems to be the most likely culprit to me. Especially the harsh afternoon sun. He is trying to protect himself from the harsh sun. If you have not done so already, I would recommend getting him out of direct sun and increasing the humidity. Godspeed!! 🧑🧑
I would say that what you’ve posted a photo of is not a blushing philodendron. So it’s possible that the care instructions for watering and light may not be as accurate as needed. Direct light and overwatering could also be contributing to the problem. I would move it further away or put something up to diffuse the light such as a sheer curtain and see if that helps.