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Lovey’s Window

Well, now that it’s getting sunny and a little bit warmer, my kitty girl, Lovey wants to be in her window! Sooooo…after moving 2 plants and putting my smaller ones inside this little open greenhouse, Lovey has her spot back! ❤️ (And my little plants won’t get knocked over! 😂) WIn-win! Happy Lovey and happy Plant mom! 🪴😸💚 #PetsAndPlants #PetsOfGreg #CatsOfGreg #HappyPlants
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❤️❤️❤️ Perfect!

Welcome to Greg! We’re delighted you’re here!
@TruthfulApricot thanks so much!
It seems the pic didn’t post, so here it is. #PetsAndPlants #PetsOfGreg #CatsOfGreg #HappyPlants
So cute!
@Nicksplants Thanks, Nick! Lovey says thanks too! 😊😻