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Struggling Baby
I received this wee earth star who is just having a time. I repotted him and gave him a wee bit of fertilizer. Anyone have advice on how else to help him out? I’m a #NewPlantMom. #EarthStars #CryptanthusBivittatus
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
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The pot being big also allows the soil to retain a lot of moisture. This plant is a member of the bromeliad family and doesn't need a lot of water. The roots are very shallow.

Personally, I'd pull it out of the pot snd let it dry for a while. Make sure there are no soft leaves, only form leaves.

When the plant gets bright, indirect light, you should see it start to slowly recover. In time, there can be pups that are produced along the side of the plant. These will break off and you'll have a whole new plant! οΏΌLet me get some pictures of mine for you.
Pot too big. Dont fertilise first after repotting to reduce transplant shock. Let it recover then fertilise
@cjred Why do you say the pot is too big?
Maybe change to a 2in pot? Visually the plant looks so small against the pot
I agree. Aft repotting theres nutrients in the new soil, fertilizer isnt needed. Give it time to adjust and any fertilizer probably 1month or more aft repotting. And using a pot half of this size might be better. Huge pot vs plant means it stays wet for longer periods of time
@Sleepysunday @cjred I appreciate you both, but the plant has already been repotted and fertilized, as I mentioned. Will keep this in mind for next time, but I can’t imagine that another repot so soon would be better than letting him settle?
@emmybee let it settle. It will recover just dont overwater and give ample light
@cjred It’s in the brightest, best light window I have right now, and the soil mix is loads of bark and perlite, with stones at the bottom, so hopefully great drainage. I’ll make sure to let him dry out super thoroughly and water sparsely. Thanks so much!
@sarahsalith It obly has form leaves, so hopefully will be nice and strong!
I started in 2019 with one pink earth star. It would grow and break and grow and break. I was able to share them with friends several times!

Letter on, I picked up a green one and then recently, I picked up a brown, striped one. My bucket of earth stars started with three plants. I love the way they change colors in the sun.
@sarahsalith Ahhh! They’re so beautiful!!
Don't forget, they are more like air plants. (: Once I realized that, it helped me care for them better.
@sarahsalith REALLY. In what ways, other than the preference for dryness?
@emmybee their "root" system- or lack there of is in the bromeliad/air plant family. Really, they're just in soil for the moisture.οΏΌοΏΌ They can be okay in orchid bark or peat moss or Coco coir or pumice... or practically nothingοΏΌοΏΌ!
@sarahsalith Wow - I had no idea! This makes the big pot being unnecessary make SO much more sense. Okay… I may downsize him after all… 🧐 Thank you so much! Those pictures are so helpful for a visual learner!
@sarahsalith Do you think an air plant food would be more appropriate for him overall? I actually have some kicking around here somewhere - although obviously I won’t fertilize again any time soon.
@emmybee I don't know. I've never used fertilizer or house plant food until recently. Now a few folks from Greg have gotten me hooked on Happy Happy Houseplant Food and that's what I give mine. Since I've been doing that (and since the sun is up longer and it's the growing season) I can see that they seem to do really well.

When I was taking those pictures for you, I actually saw a lot more growth and I'll probably make another pot of them to give away.

BUT since you've gotten me thinking, I'm going to hang one in my shower along with my air plants and see how it grows with no medium. It'll be an experiment!
@sarahsalith Ooo… what is Happy Happy Houseplant food?? πŸ‘€
Okay, Emmy- here's my experiment. I took a piece of natural cork bark with and I make a few holes in it. I used a bit of hot glue on the sides to make sure the pieces didn't fall out.

I've put them in my east-facing shower that stays humid enough for my air plants and my Spanish moss.

I'm going to put it in my oasis and see how this grows!! #plantexperiment
@emmybee happy happy houseplant food is amazing!

It's like magic for your plants!
It's incredible.
@sarahsalith Alas! Not available in Canada! πŸ’”
@sarahsalith any other sage words of advice? Repotted this lil one into a tiny pot with succulent mix, sand, and sphagnum, and he gets ample direct sun. He’s STILL getting crispier over time and looks so unhappy!

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