Posted 7M ago by @topher.thomas

Can anyone with more expertise weigh in on if this is a Marble Queen or Snow Queen? I got them from from a local plant group, and the owner wasn’t sure.
4” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
@WickedValkyrie !!! Come hither @sarahsalith come hither #2
Yes that looks like a snow queen. I think marble has more white. She’s pretty!
Manjula maybe?
I keep these around to tell difference 😊
Thanks, guys, so far it seems like I may have gotten it right! I’ll have to get them in some soil and a nice little pot soon.
My vote is snow. (:
@kscape - that's a pretty cool cheat sheet! It really helps to see them side by side.

I hope you know you're with your own kind here on Greg. 😁
@kscape those two are quite helpful. When I was googling for comparison photos, some of them seemed quite different than the others!
@sarahsalith oh, thanks! That means a lot coming from someone with a collection like yours!
@ABCD I'm a bit slow on the draw the last couple days! πŸ˜† We have family in from out of state so I'm not getting a lot of time to come on here. Lol

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