Posted 5M ago by @JudiciousCosmo

Haha I’ve already asked everyone this on my other one….how often do people with a common sunflower water it??? #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #NewPlantMom #Sunflowers!
I water every other day. Mine are in a raised bed in full northern sun for 6+ hours a day. They seem to be quite happy.
I killed mine because I couldn’t figure it out. Sometimes I thought I was overwatering and sometimes it seemed like not enough. Not an easy plant to keep happy.
@usere2fb77b0 I would agree with that. I feel like mine is always overwatered or under-watered :(
@Wickedlemons thanks! I’ll try that.
@JudiciousCosmo I should also mention that I don’t soak them either. Idk this is the first year I’ve gotten them to grow from seed.
I water when they droop a little. Sunflowers are very drought tolerant

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