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Golden crocodile appreciation
This plant deserves everything and more 🀩🀩 @Kace and @tmbryant37 for theirs in the mail yesterday and it makes me so happy that we can share the joy together! I mean look at this beautiful. There’s something about a golden plant AND the jagged edges. UGH 😍😍😍

If you have a Golden plant please let me see so I can swoooon. Yes that means you #CalkinsClub , @kscape @AwesomePlants @Kaleyeeaah and more #HappyPlants #GoldenCrocodile #goldenplants #Philodendron #PhiloFlock #plantproper
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Oh those crocs are fabulous! Oh man there goes another on the never ending list! Anyway, here’s a gorgeous #calkinsgold leaf on my baby.
Beautiful leaf shape and coloration. πŸ’š
@Pegster yes! There’s like 3 different colors going on! The new leaf before it’s opened is like peach or salmon and then once it opens it’s like something else. And thennnn the golden color! Or green depending on the light 🀩
@jcPlantProper those are GORGEOUS! I've never seen one before!
Wow!! What a big leaf.....breathtaking!
It's at the top of my list!
@jcPlantProper Janai, I am so totally in love with this plant! I CANNOT wait for my Silver Stripe to arrive today!!!
@Roserade you’re gonna LOVE IT πŸ₯° ITS REALLY FULL! and yeah the Calkins is definitely something else
Her growth seems to be suuuuuuper slow. I've given her more light, but she's still relatively the same size from June 3rd.
@AwesomePlants whatttt. Mine gets a new leaf like every two weeks lol. I guess it’s the light. What’s the roots look like? And have you fertilized?
I'm not home or I would share
@jcPlantProper it probably is the light. Since most had a growth spurt, I think one of the tube grow lights per shelf isn't enough. Once I move, I'm going to try two lights per shelf to see how they like that.
Omg sorry for being late but Yessss love your Golden Crocodile πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ’•

Here’s my cute boi! He’s pushing out so many leaves 😭😭
@kscape whoa so many leaves!! Good job!!
My golden crocodile is one of my favorite plants! That and the calkins!
@Kaleyeeaah ahhhhhhh wow

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