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Why are some of my leaves yellowing? I did not transplant...

3ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago

yellow leaves on Madagascar jasmine. leaves turn yellow on a stephanotis plant for either of three reasons: overwatering, the water used for watering is too hard, or the plant lacks light.
@KikiGoldblatt I water based on scheduling here and use NYC tap water? Plant is about 4 ft from a window.
Hey there fellow, Stephanotis owner! Personally, I love this plant! It has bloomed every year for three years. Multiple times!

For me, my leaves will yellow at the ends of the vines if I'm not watering enough. My schedule on Greg is kinda wonky and I have not been good at recording the waterings with this plant. But when I notice yellow leaves, I know I've waited too long to water.

My plant sits in a eastern window and gets direct morning light on its leaves and blossoms.

It needs the light to bloom and it needs consistent watering to not have yellow leaves.

As long as you have it in a pot with drainage holes, you can water until the water comes out the bottom and just make sure the soil doesn't dry out too long in between waterings. 😁

I plucked two yellow leaves at the end of a vine yesterday when I watered.
Also!! You can trim the plant to encourage new growth! Trimming the plant forces the growth back to the next growth point. (: