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Any tips for propagating succulents??

I have the process for propagating other plants, but I can never seem to keep a succulent propagation alive ☹️ #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #succprop #PropagationStation #Propagation
Just take some succulent leaves, place them on some soil (don’t place them IN the soil) and just mist once or twice a week and be patient!
@vvvelo helped me with my props that were doing amazing. Take a look at this video

Overall, you want to pull healthy leaves that have that little node on the end. They can’t be broken leaves at all. Pull from as close to the stem as possible. And feel free to ask questions! We are here to help!
Use cinnamon as a root starter and sprinkle some on top of the soil. This is the secret to my success. I recommend using succulent soil or just a good coir in a clamshell take-out container. Cut/drill holes in the top for ventilation. I’ve also tried the water method with similar results. Here are some of my girls…all from leaves except for the second one which is a cutting.
Just a few more of my props. I highly recommend you label and date your props so you know exactly what you have that makes it and what doesn’t.
@serpens_stars look @kscape comment. That’s the way to propagate. That’s how I do mine too.
@kscape @KikiGoldblatt @Yeeha234 @LiquidRose84 thanks so much for the advice!! <3 I’ll definitely be trying all those tips and tricks :]
You actually don't even need to mist, just leave them in a bright location and check for roots every now and again =)